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I’m Libby! Back in the day, you could find me doing flips off cliffs as a diver at Casa Bonita! I became a dental hygienist in 2007 and started at Wynkoop Dental in 2016. It’s such a fun place to work, which is what I love! Being surrounded by people who are motivated to continue to learn, evolve, and change to provide better dental care is inspiring. Being on a team that is able to offer so many different services to our patients and has the ability to educate them on what is best for their overall health. When I’m not at the office, I’m probably with my family enjoying the outdoors!

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Hi, I’m Jessica! My team thinks I’m little nuts because I’m always out rock-climbing, ice-climbing, or training for something or another. But I swear I’m not; I just love adventure and getting lots of time in the outdoors! I became a dental hygienist in 2007 and joined WD in 2015. It’s been a great place for me to grow and evolve and create some amazing friendships. My favorite part of Wynkoop is the treatment options, like laser therapy, that we are able to offer our patients. I love getting to educate people on how to improve their oral health and establishing relationships with our patients. It’s super satisfying to see someone come back with dramatically improved gum health. People wonder why we like being hygienists and that’s the reason!

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Hi, Guys! I’m Bridgit. I’ve been in the dental industry for over 20 years and have been a hygienist for more than 12! I absolutely love building relationships with my patients and helping them improve their overall health by improving the health of their mouth! I am a die-hard snowboarder and love the Colorado mountains! I look forward to meeting you.

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Hi! I’m Jessica. I was born and raised in Sedalia, Missouri. For my undergraduate, I went to the University of Missouri-Columbia and received my bachelors in Psychology. MIZ-ZOU! Not long after that, I decided to go back to school and get my associates in dental hygiene. I have been practicing for 4 years and I have practiced in 3 different states. Missouri, New York, and Colorado! I love dental hygiene because I get to make a difference on a daily basis by improving someone’s health! When I’m not at work and educating my patients on their oral health, I enjoy doing all of the Colorado things. Hiking, skiing, camping, etc. 


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The “OG” If you can believe it, I started my dental career at age 15 while I was still in high school! I had the opportunity to assist a doctor with a patient who was in extreme pain and it made me feel so happy to help someone in need that I knew I’d found my career path! I joined Wynkoop Dental in 2014 and love being a part of such a progressive office. I get to go to CE all over the country with our doctors and “geek-out” over the technology and what it can offer our patients. During my time at WD, I’ve developed wonderful relationships with our patients while helping them maintain a healthy mouth. I truly feel like I work alongside my peers each day. I enjoy feeling challenged and I get to be creative as well. The entire team strives to support and push each other to constantly grow, which makes for a pretty fun atmosphere! When I’m not at the office I’m probably relaxing in my backyard watching my two boys play in the yard.

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Hi, I’m Juan. I love being a part of the Wynkoop Dentistry team.   My skills have grown with the practice in the past few years by traveling for numerous Invisalign and sleep health courses.  I love soccer and am very competitive.  I am the best assistant.   When I’m not working or holding the defensive line on the pitch, I hang with my two dogs –  Buddy and Leo.  Wynkoop Dentistry is a special group of people, and I really enjoy what we do. 

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I’m Casey. I am a Colorado native who has left this sunshine state for greener pastures 3 separate times in failure… all to return back home to our beautiful state.  The combination of family, sun, skiing, sports, and of course craft beer all make this the home for me and my small family. I recently became the father of a handsome and fun little boy and while my bedtime has made a significant shift towards earlier hours, I am thrilled to embark on the adventure that is raising a child. Wynkoop Dental is an organization and a community of people where my experience, skills and personality are uniquely utilized and appreciated.  I have worked in numerous industries, roles, and dental practices, and enjoy the process of working with our patients to resolve their dental problems and improve their overall oral health and well being. Every patient is unique and I enjoy getting to know and serve our patients in the best way I can.

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Dental Assistant

Front Office

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Front Office
Hello! My name is Hannah. I started at Wynkoop Dental in the spring of 2018 with years of dental experience under my belt and the hopes of becoming an office manager. My opportunity came before I knew it and I was so excited to accept, because now I get to say, “I love my job as a manager!” Outside of the office, I am a dog mom to Lola the beautiful Australian Shepherd/Huskie mix. I spoil her with adventures, toys, treats and love! It’s very rare that you won’t find me in a happy, bubbly mood. I love to be surrounded by my family, friends and good, positive vibes. If you come by the office, chances are, I will make you laugh with one of my corny jokes! 😉

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Front Office
Hi, I’m Shanna! I am so excited to be here at WD, and part of a team that cares about the growth and success of each other, as well as the overall well being of our patients. I love that I get a daily opportunity to connect with and build relationships with great people. Outside of the office I can be found spending time with my husband and our family!

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Front Office

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Front Office

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Front Office

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Front Office

Business Management

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Business Development
Hi! I joined Wynkoop Dental in May of 2018 to be a part of a wonderful group of people dedicated to making patients smile. I love sports, the outdoors, and hanging with my three small children and lovely wife Erin. You can usually find me up front, where I’ll be helping coordinate the ongoing office needs. I look forward to ensuring you continue to be comfortable, informed, and happy about the excellent services we provide at Wynkoop Dental.

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